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12 Traffic Hacks

We have a report for you summarizing 12 traffic hacks you can deploy. It is not the newest and the greatest but nevertheless a good and quick read. Can be used as a refresher and/or reminder.

Here’s one of the Hacks as an example. You can get the whole report free after the article.


Here’s a channel which is not the average way to advertise. Most people go to paid advertising i.e. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google Adwords but here you can get organic traffic for free!

Reddit has over 234 million unique visitors and 8 billion monthly page views. That’s a lot of people! It’s currently the 7th largest site in US and it has over 10 thousand active communities which you can easily tap into.

The Hack: Use an unlikely channel; Reddit, to drive traffic to your website.

How It Works: is a community driven platform where users can vote on content which they think is important. Communities are called “subreddit” and users or “redditors” can then submit posts to these subredits.

Posts and submissions which receive a lot of votes go to the top of the subreddits while those with little to no votes disappear to the bottom of the page.

Think of it like a community driven Google search page.

So when you focus on delivering value adding posts to the community, they read it, love it, votes for it and keep it at the top of the post.

The Steps:

1. Create a Reddit account
2. Find your subreddit category
3. Join the community. Remember to follow the rules
4. Post your value added content
5. Repeat

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